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School Photo Day & Retakes

Studios Photography - 780-468-4929

  • Wednesday, October 21st Inside
  • 10-10:30am In Person Students – Retakes/Missed School that day/Kindergarten Group A (Retakes after that day will have to be arranged with studio)
  • 10:30-11:30am Remote Learners

We will have photographers and staff from school guiding students where to go. Only students will be allowed in photography working areas. 


Parental approval is needed for retakes.  Children can bring the retake paper form and give to photographers.  If lost, send an email to the school (NO LATER THAN Tuesday, October 20th!!)

Online Ordering Only – with a discount code found on your paper order form

During the pandemic, ordering is strictly online.  Do not return the paper form to your school. Rather than limiting discounts to families with multiple students, all orders of $50 or more (before GST) can use the 10% discount code on your paper form for a 10% discount!  More good news:  the 10% discount covers our new, reduced shipping fees!  With multiple students and retakes, remember to place all orders together to qualify for the discount and a single shipping fee.

Home delivery in 2020/2021 – with shipping at less than half price (or free)

In addition to reducing physical handling of photo products, this change also assures that families will receive their school photos, regardless of any school closures that may occur during this most unpredictable year.  To assist families with shipping costs, we have reduced our rates to $4.99 (below cost, and less than half our usual fee of $10.00).  Plus, orders of $50 or more have the low shipping costs covered with their 10% discount.  We encourage parents to place all orders for all students in a single order - to minimize fees and generate discounts.  If one child is going for retakes, wait until after retakes to order for all children at the same time.

NOTE: For the safety of all, only students, staff, & designated volunteers are allowed in Studios working areas.



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