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Junior ATB

We are excited to announce another year of our Junior ATB program at Brentwood! 

The Library Learning Commons is going to be transformed into a unique junior bank where students can deposit money into their own ATB savings account known as a Generation Account that is held jointly with parents/guardians. The Junior ATB branch will be open from 12:02 pm and will close at 12:26 pm. Our Junior ATB branch will be open on the following Thursdays (subject to change if needed):

  • Nov 7
  • Nov 21
  • Dec 5
  • Dec 19
  • Jan 9
  • Jan 23
  • Feb 13
  • March 5
  • March 19
  • April 9
  • April 23
  • May 7

Every student from Kindergarten - Grade 6 in our school is able to open a Junior ATB account.  Applications are available from classroom teachers and Mr. Smith.  If students opened an account in a previous year, additional information is not required and you can start making deposits into your account on the first banking day.  This program is STRICTLY voluntary as a number of students have a savings account already set up at the bank of your choice. However, we are encouraging families who don’t have a savings account set up for their child(ren) or themselves, or would like to set up an additional savings account for their child(ren), to complete the Junior ATB account application form and return it to the school prior to November 6th.  All account applications require ATB to validate the application through a parent presenting two pieces of valid ID (as stated on the application form). 

The ATB banking group does not make any money on this partnership. In fact, they give the Brentwood Junior ATB Board members $500 to disperse through a grant application process on school improvements. In addition, ATB bank employees come to the school on banking days and volunteer their time during the lunch hour club supporting the students and school. Then they take the deposits back to the bank for the ‘actual’ deposit. ATB’s partnership is about wanting to be a good community citizen and focus on youth in Alberta so that they build the foundation for financial literacy and economic self-reliance in adulthood.

We look forward to our students saving their money! If you and your child is interested in opening an account, please ask for an application form from your child’s teacher.

Warm Regards,

Jordan Smith

ATB School Representative

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