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Brentwood Elementary Home and School Association (BEHSA) in conjunction with Brentwood Elementary School Council (BESC) is excited to continue on-line ordering for our Monthly Hot Lunch Program for the 2019-20 school year. Parents are able to place orders through

For new users click “new users click here” link below. This is the link to the Munch-a-lunch website. The system will guide you through how to set up a new account.

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If you set up an account last year, please click the Login link below. All the information from last year will be the same.


You can pay by credit card on line. WE WILL NOT accept personal cheques or cash as payment. No paper order forms will be accepted. On line payments MUST be paid at time of ordering. IF PAYMENT IS NOT RECEIVED BEFORE THE DEADLINE, LUNCH ORDERS FOR YOUR CHILD/CHILDREN WILL BE CANCELLED FOR THE ENTIRE SESSION. If you do not have access to the internet, please feel free to use the parent computer located in the school office. If you need assistance with ordering or have any problems, concerns or questions about payments, please contact a Hot Lunch representative at and we will try to respond in a timely manor. Please do not wait till after the deadline to contact us.

VOLUNTEERS ARE ALWAYS NEEDED! Please consider volunteering to help deliver hot lunches to class rooms. It only takes about half an hour, starting at 11:50am. Sign up on Munch-A-Lunch website under volunteers or email Lunch is provided for all volunteers. If you have a little one at home with you, you can bring them along too.

If your child is ill or away on hot lunch days, you may pick up theirs lunches or make arrangements for someone/sibling to pick up their lunch between 11:50-12:30 only. We do not have enough volunteers to deliver lunches to a sibling class room. We cannot keep the food for them. There are no refunds for hot lunch if your child is away or ill.

**Munch-A-Lunch Session 3 ordering will be open on Monday, February 10th  & close on Monday, February 24th. **

Session 3

March 13 - Dairy Queen

April 17 - Papa Johns

Session 4

May 8 Arby's

June 5 Panago

Ordering is done online

The Milkman

Milk tickets are available through BESC/BEHSA as a convenient option for purchasing milk rather than sending money with your child to school.  Tickets are sold as a package of 18 tickets for $17.00  Fill out the form attached and attach cash, and return the form to the school.  Tickets will be processed within a week and will be sent home with your child.  The office will NOT accept money on a daily basis to purchase milk - only tickets will be accepted. Please note that tickets purchased this school year will NOT carry over into the next year. Since delivery day for milk is Tuesdays and demand for milk varies, BESC cannot guarantee that milk will always be available on Mondays.   *Please be advised that BESC is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets*

Milk Ticket Form



Positive Behaviour Supports

A school-wide approach to positive behaviour supports effectively promotes a safe, orderly and predictable envionmnet for learning and teaching. It creates a positive school culture that students, staff and parents perceive as safe and caring.(Supporting Positive Behaviour in Alberta Schools, p.2, 2008)

At Brentwood School, we have four behavioural expectations for staff and students which include:

  • Be safe;
  • Be kind;
  • Be respectful;
  • Be responsible.

Positive and proactive techniques are promoted which may include the following:

  • A focus on Character Education that is school-wide.
  • Staff works to create a safe and caring environment with the classrooms, the school and the schoolyard.
  • Positive recognition is provided to students informally with positive staff-student interaction on a daily basis.
  • Students receive positive referrals and prizes are awarded daily and monthly for exemplary behaviour.
  • Special activities, celebrations and assemblies are scheduled which reward good work and appropriate behaviours.
  • Fine arts, sports and other extra-curricular activities help to create a positive environment.
  • Rules and consequences within the school are clear, consisitent and fair.
  • Pro-social skills are targeted as one of the school goals and stragegies are developed which teach students appropriate behaviours.
  • DARE program is offered to Grade 6 classes to encourage students to make good choices.
  • Appropriate behaviour plans are developed to meet individual needs and promote student success.
  • Counseling support is provided within the school from a qualified counselor.

Brentwood Discipline Plan

The Discipline Plan is intended to keep children safe and to provide all students with a good learning environment. Key aspects of the plan include the following:

  • Consequences - negative or positive - are designed to change behaviours.
  • Consequences for inappropriate behaviours are based on logical consequences wherever possible.
  • The Discipline Plan deals with student behaviour during all aspects of the school day including riding the bus, playing at recess or learning in class.
  • We encourate students to make good choices; they are responsible for their own behaviour and will be held accountable.

When assigning consequences the following factors are considered:

  1. The age of student;
  2. The understanding the child has as to whether the behaviour was appropriate or not;
  3. The emotional state of the child and if willful intent was present or not;
  4. The specifics of the situation which may include special circumstances;
  5. The frequency of the inappropriate behaviours.
  •  A student who has a minor infraction will  usually serve a recess detention and complete a reflection paper.
  • Other consequences may include restitution, phone calls/notes home, lunch detentions or meeting with the administrators, teachers and parents.
  • A very serious consequence for inappropriate behaviour is a half-day or full-day in-school suspension.
  • An in-school suspension may be assigned if the child accumulates 4 - 7 infractions depending upon the severity of each one.
  • Parents will be kept informed if their child misbehaves at school. A warning letter will be provided to the student and parents prior to receiving an in-school suspension.
  • The administration may amend these procedures depending upon individual circumstances.
  • All documentation dealing with disciplinary matters will be maintained in one location.

Dealing with Bullying

Our goal at school is to create a safe and caaring environment for all children. This means that staff and students will work diligently to promote a climate where bullying is not acceptable.

Below are ideas to help students deal effectively with bullying:

  • Stay calm; don't get mad; use humour;
  • Steer clear and avoid the bully;
  • Don't fight back. You may get hurt or you may escalate the situation.
  • Avoid vulnerable situations. Walk in groups;
  • Stay in sight of adults;
  • Think of things to say ahead of time. You may want to role play situations that may arise.
  • Project confidence;
  • Don't be afraid to tell people you trust. Adults can help.
  • Say, "No!" and ask the bully to leave you alone.
  • Students who observe bullying are encouraged to take action. While they should not stop the actual confrontation, they should seek help from an adult.


Brentwood Handbook

The Brentwood Student Handbook is edited in June by all staff members and is included in the student agendas which are distributed in September.

This handbook is very comprehensive and explains everything that a student or a parent needs to know about our school. Included are specifics on student assessment, awards, discipline and school rules.

Please call the school if you would like to receive a copy of the Handbook.

Nut Policy

In our school, we have children who have life-threatening allergies to peanuts, nuts and nut products. Consequently, we would like our school to be a "no nuts, please" zone to ensure the safety of these children. Parents are asked not to send any nuts or nut products for snacks or lunches.

We realize that we may not be able to create an environment which is 100% safe for children with nut allergies, but we what we would like to do is to ensure that our school is as safe as possible.

Because we have children who are allergic to animals, we ask that no pets be brought into classes for special events or "Show and Tell".

Our staff and students need to work together to make our school a safe place for everyone. Like a family, we need to help, support and be kind to each other.

Homework Policy

Completing homework helps students develop good habits for future studies. Homework should be completed during a regular, daily quiet time without interruptions. All materials that are needed should be organized and accessible.

Typical homework tasks may include the following:

  • Finish work not completed in class;
  • Study for tests;
  • Review spelling;
  • Organize notes;
  • Do home reading and practice math drills.

Parents should refer to the agenda book for daily assignments. If homework appears excessive for your child, please share this concern with the teacher.

All assignments and homework should be recorded in the student agenda along with due dates. Teachers will work to ensure that students have time to record their homework and parents are asked to sign the agenda each night.

The agendas are an effective way of helping students to learn organizational skills and they also serve as useful means of communication between school and home.





All children in Grade 1- 6 use agendas. These planners allow students to take ownership for their own learning by recording dates for homework assignments, quizzes and tests, as well as reminders of special class and school activities. Parents are encouraged to use the agendas as a tool for communication with the school.

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP)

Elk Island Public Schools treats student information with respect and confidentiality. At the same time, we strive to make as much information as possible available to all members of the public. How we handle information is directed by the School Act, the Student Record Regulation, the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP), other legislation, protocols, and our district polices and regulations. View our Privacy and Security Statement at