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Hot Lunch

Hello Brentwood Families,

Hot Lunch How-To Document.pdf 

Our next Hot Lunch dates for April are: 

April 13th- from Nitza's Pizza 

April 28th from BarBurrito.  

*Please note- For the Nitza's pizza day, they do NOT provide drink options and limited sides, so please pack a drink and any extras that your child needs that day. 

The ordering deadline for Nitza's Pizza is Saturday, April 8. 

The deadline for ordering from BarBurrito is Sunday, April 23. 

Please read below about ordering from the Healthy Hunger website:

We are using a website called Healthy Hunger which offers a large variety of restaurants to choose from and plenty of food options as well.

Better yet- our school gets money back just for ordering through their website! This money will go directly back to our fundraising goals and Brentwood students and staff.

This is ALL done online- both ordering and payment. We can NOT accept any cash or written orders. 

The deadline for ordering will always be clearly communicated and we cannot make any changes or additions after the cut-off, as per the website restrictions. 

For kindergarten families, we will be looking carefully at dates for 2023 to make sure that both groups get to partake in hot lunch.  

The ordering deadline for Pasta Pantry is Sunday, March 5th. 

The deadline for ordering from Subway is Friday, March 17th. 

Attached to this email is a 'How-To' document to help walk through the use of the Healthy Hunger website, set up your child's account and order your child(ren)'s food. It is a very user-friendly website but if you have any questions, please feel free to email us at:

Volunteers- when you sign in to your child's account and go to place an order for a specific lunch date, there is an option to click a volunteer box for that exact hot lunch date. We need volunteers to keep this going, so if you can volunteer, please check that box. We are going to start with 4 volunteers per date. 

As this is a new website for us to use as well, we ask for your patience as we navigate both the website and the sorting and distribution on the day of. 

We hope that you are as excited as we are to not have to pack lunches some days! 

With thanks,

Sarah Topilko 

& the entire BESC Executive Team

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