Lice Information

Head lice is one of the most common problems faced by school-aged children and their families. While head lice control is primarily a parent/guardian responsibility, parents, the school and community all have a role to play.  Please read information below:

Request for Medical Information/Update

**Only to be filled out if your child carries an EpiPen/requires medication at school or any other information you feel the school should be aware of**

To ensure that we have current and accurate information, we ask that you complete applicable medical forms for your child.

This information is vital for those students who may require the use of an Epipen for anaphylactic allergies and/or a puffer for asthma.  If your child requires administrations of any prescription at school, then a medication/Personal Care Request and Authorization must be filled out. 

Please complete the ones that pertain to your child and have them returned to the office by September 29th or sooner.

1 Child/Student Medication/Personal Care Management Parent/Guardian Consent

2-Child/Student Medication Management Plan

3-Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan

4-Asthma Emergency Plan


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