School Initiatives

School Focus

At Brentwood Elementary, staff collaborates to meet student needs.  A variety of strategies are implemented to assist students in achieving a one years growth in literacy and numeracy.  For further information please refer to the School Education Plan.

Leader in Me: Brentwood Elementary’s New Roots

“Great Happens Here.”, and it is the root of our educational tree. The strength of our school lies not only in what you see on the walls and in the halls, but what lies within all our bobcats. We are a Leader in Me school which means we practice the seven habits of highly effective kids. We are proactive, we begin with the end in mind, and we always try to put first things first. As bobcats we always look to think win-win, seek to understand others, and synergize with each other.  A school is only as strong as the roots that anchor it and as a result of our strong roots many leadership branches have emerged. Leaders can be seen all over Brentwood from our morning greeters, to our Bobcat Buddies. We have environmental leaders, milk leaders and learning leaders who tutor younger students in reading and math. As we continue to learn and grow the fruits of our labors begin to emerge as confident, intelligent, proud bobcats.