Trustee Report

Don Irwin Trustee

Most school activities are winding up with Grads/ Farewells, final exams and field trips and year end activity days. It seems we are almost back to normal but COVID is still around resulting in increased student and staff absences.

Please be careful to watch and respond to symptoms so we can finish the year well.

The budget is set for next year at 2.2 million with spending out of reserves on new curriculum preparation, student mental health and wellness as well as extra work on reducing student learning gaps.

School tours continue in June with trustees visiting Wes Hosford, Mills Haven, Clover Bar, Woodbridge Farms, and Westboro tomorrow on June 14.

Public Engagements take place in June as follows:
Monday June 13 - Logos Program Review7pm - Sherwood Heights

Thanks to all parents on parent councils for your faithful and valuable work, administration and staff for finishing well.

Have a safe and restful summer.

Questions, comments - please email me at or call or text 587 986 3900. I will be available all summer.

Don Irwin
Sherwood Park