Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Principal’s Message

June brings us to the end of another successful school year. Our students accomplished a great deal and have worked hard in developing their skills in numeracy and literacy. June is a time to celebrate our students’ accomplishments and to recognize the work they have done. Report cards will be available for parents to view in PowerSchool June 25 @ 4pm. I encourage parents to go over your child’s reports with them and celebrate their hard work.

School Council finished off the year with their last meeting. The main topic discussed was regarding the proposed new curriculum. Council has provided funds to pay for a year-end staff appreciation dinner. Thank you to all our Council members for volunteering your time this year.

Brentwood School Education Plan is complete and will be posted on our school website soon. Three areas we will be focusing on next year are numeracy, literacy, and mental health. The document will provide a description of these areas along with the strategies we will be using.

Planning for next year has already begun and teachers have received their tentatively assignments. Please keep in mind that assignments may change before the start of next year.

Class configurations for next years: 

  • Kindergarten (Mrs. Elkow) Group A and B
  • Grade 1 (Mrs. Burns, Mrs. Rossman/Mrs. Kallis)
  • Grade 2 (Mrs. Shield, Mrs. Derksen)
  • Grade 3 (Mrs. Heydanus)
  • Grade ¾ Combined (Mrs. Michalchuk)
  • Grade 4 (Mrs. Landry-Doran)
  • Grade 5 (Ms. Larsen)
  • Grade 5/6 Combined (Mr. Vantour)
  • Grade 6 (Mr. Smith)


  • Grade 1 (Mrs. DJ)
  • Grade 2 - 3 Combined (Mrs. Johnson)
  • Grade 3-4 Combined (Mrs. Cunha)
  • Grade 5 - 6 Combined (Mr. Radersma)

Strathcona County’s Mental Health Capacity Building program (MHCB) promotes positive mental health and strengthens social emotional skills in children, youth and families through awareness, knowledge, and skill building. Brentwood is so excited to have this program begin in our school next year.

What will next year look like? At this time, no one knows what school will be like in the fall and if we will be under any protocols. Communication will be sent out to our families when we get direction from Alberta Health.

We know the approach of the new school year can bring a lot of worry and anxiety. Our first collaboration with the MHCB Program is a virtual event for all of our families:

New School Year Jitters It’s normal to feel worried about the new school year for our children. Ease your anxious thoughts by being prepared. Learn about change, how to manage it and some hands-on tools. This session is for parents and caregivers of Brentwood School.

Save the Date: August 30, 2021 @ 6:30pm. More information and details to follow in August.

Enjoy the summer break!