School Forms

Boundary Exemption and Request to Change Schools

Schools that have not yet reached their optimal enrolment limits have space and resources to register resident students from outside their designated attendance area. Those schools where enrolment is projected to reach or exceed the optimal enrolment limit will have closed boundaries. A school with a closed boundary is one that does not have sufficient space and resources to register any new out-of-boundary students, and therefore will not consider requests to attend a non-designated school from resident or non-resident students. Learn more

Confidentiality Undertaking for Volunteers

Any person who volunteers at Brentwood must complete this form.  The first part is an agreement to maintain confidentiality and the second part is a declaration of a criminal or child welfare record.

Confidentiality Undertaking Declaration for Volunteers

Medication Request Authorization Form

This consent form is to be used, should a parent wish, to give office personnel permission to administer Tylenol to their child, or to administer any medication that the child or parent may bring into the school.

Child/ Student MedicationPersonal Care Parent/ Guardian Consent

Student's Responsible Technology Use Agreement

Before students can access the Internet at school, this form needs to be completed by the parent.  The student should complete the form as well if he or she is old enough to understand the information required.  The form states that students will be responsible users of the Internet.

Student's Responsible Technology Use Agreement